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Educational Programs
by Alan Gaumer

Alan Gaumer has been performing JAZZ all over the world for over 3 decades. In addition he has “preached” passionately on his most favorite of subjects, America’s contribution to music, “JAZZ”.

His programs inlcude:

  • Our Small World
  • Latin (a 5 letter word)
  • Composers (The Art of)
  • The “BIZ”
  • What is Jazz? (presented by CO-OP BOP)

All of these programs are presented by Alan Gaumer solo and / or with various accompaniments.


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Jazz Solutions, Inc. presents - What is Jazz?
(performance by Co-op Bop)

CO-OP BOP, a Quintet / Quartet, has been performing and educating since the mid 1970’s. All members have made their living in the music business working on project after project together both in the studio and on stage nationally. In addition to Alan, the band features Nelson Hill (reeds), Craig Kastelnik (organ), Bill Washer (guitar), and Gary Rissmiller (drums) with occasional subs from within the “COLLECTIVE”.

Alan’s Educational Jazz programs are presented in schools with the intention of nurturing young audiences for it’s rich tradition and the assurance of continued interest and passion for this exciting but fragile art form.

He truly believes that youth of today are being “led” blindly with the only interest being to make as much money as possible. We recognize the need to do everything possible to present jazz and classics to our young listeners not only to preserve the music but to encourage individual creative thought process. And to show just how much FUN that can really be. There are some shining examples currently happening nationally. Fortunately more and more smaller regions are responding to the need for good cultural programs. Finally I believe we have developed some programs that offer more solutions to the afore mentioned observations.

Alan Gaumer and Co-op Bop are dedicated to these principles and to the sharing of the sheer fun of creating ART.

Representation and Management by
Young Audiences of Eastern Pennsylvania


Program Documents:

 Study Guide (pdf)

 After Program Handout (pdf)

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